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Falling camera framed on dropping refrigerator.
Directed By: Reel Efx
Product: Bud Light
Ratchet Stunt with bottle and talent.
Directed By: Reel Efx
Moving camera crane to fly kids.
Product: Fruit Gushers
Company: Directors Bureau
Designer: Jennifer Gee
Crane car lift
Pulling a dress through the air.
Product: Kraft
Testing a parachute dropping rig at the RFX testing facility
Directed By: Reel Efx
Testing the effects for the Shout "Washing Machine" spot. First test show machine being shot upward using a crane and heavy bungee cords. Second test shows machine being launched by an air mortar through a breakaway window.
Directed By: Reel Efx
Using a crane, we counterweighted and lifted a large man in a flying harness to simulate his wife carrying him into their house after he fell asleep in the car
Directed By: Reel Efx
Rigged Jim to hang so that Susan could swing him around in this test video for the Ritz Toasted commercial
Directed By: Reel Efx
Testing the Remote Control Tilting System for this Jeep hanging from a crane
Product: Jeep
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