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Final Products: Digital Multicam, Mechanical, and Fire Effects
Directed By: Chan Park
Product: LG-Communications
Company: LG U Plus Cell Phone
Movistar Multicam Final Spot
Company: Reel Efx
Final Product: Digital Multicam
Product: Movistar
Company: Arbol
Final Product: Multicam effects
Directed By: Neville Wakefield
Product: Nike
Company: Serge Hoeltschi Studio
Final Product: Multicam, Water, Wind, Steam, Smoke, and Pyro effects
Product: Engelbert Strauss
Company: Durable Goods
The basic fundamentals of the Multicam system
Company: Reel Efx
Final Product: Multicam effects
Product: Shark Week 2012
Company: Gurney Productions
Mutlicam Reel
Company: Reel Efx
Final Product: Multicam
Directed By: Glenn Martin
Product: Zumba Fitness
Company: Untitled
Final Product: Multicam and snow effects
Directed By: Brett Foraker
Product: Honda
Company: RSA Films
Designer: Tino Schaedler
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