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Puppeting of exploding Rubiks cube and 4 way Air Mortar to distribute paint onto walls
Directed By: Rupert Sanders
Product: Playstation 3
Company: MJZ
Designer: Robert Pearson
Manufactured and rigged a small scale model of the room on rotating frame. Constructed miniature eggs that were weighted to roll around in the set. Set was ratcheted with bungee cords to make the eggs fly up and smash against the wall.
Directed By: Rupert Sanders
Product: Playstation 3
Company: MJZ
Designer: Robert Pearson
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Directed By: Filip Engstrom
Product: Pontiac
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Andy Reznik
Punched hair into silicone chest pieces- Effect was shot in reverse so the hair appeared to grow rapidly
Directed By: Happy
Product: Old Spice
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Andy Reznik
Fabricated an oversized kickstand for the new Suzuki SUV in this spot.
Directed By: Ken Arlidge
Product: Suzuki
Company: Aero Films
Armored truck crashes in hydrant and shoots money up into the air while chaos erupts
Directed By: Paul Hunter
Product: JC Penny
Company: HSI
Designer: Jenny Lass
Fabricated a rabbit hole chamber to swallow the talent up. Installed into the side of a hill
Product: Vonage
Company: Hungry Man
Fabricated a deflatable couch that could hold the talent while inflated and deflate completely in 10 seconds.
Directed By: Richard Lassalle
Product: Sunsilk
Company: RSA
Designer: Jason Firebird
Fabricated basket trap on an Remote Controlled base
Product: Slim Jim
Company: Oil Factory
Designer: Tom Hartman
Fabricated a set of 4 Foam Rubber racing tires that were light weight enough to pick up and throw
Directed By: David Frankham
Product: UPS
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Billy Bostock
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