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Final Product: Prop effects
Product: Old Navy
Company: Smuggler
Final Products: Rigging, Props, and Smoke Effects
Product: Applebee's
Designer: Kells Jeese
Final Effect: Snow Dressing
Designer: Gret Allen Lang
Final Products: Water, Rigging, and Mechanical Effects
Directed By: Graham Sherrington
Product: Kyocera Wireless
Company: Th1ng Productions
Designer: Chris DiLeo
Final Product: Puppeteer effects
Directed By: Mr. Hide
Product: Toyota Prius
Company: The Sweet Shop
Designer: Sean Hargreaves
Final Product: Puppeteer effects
Directed By: Mike Brady
Product: Crocs
Company: Believe Media
Final Product: Fire and Spark Effects
Product: Capital One
Company: Tool of North America
Designer: Justin Trask
Final Effect: Pyro
Company: Smuggler
Final Product: Pyro and Flying/Rigging Effects
Directed By: Gary Freedman
Product: Orangina
Company: Reel Sessions
Designer: Chelsea Oliver
Rain Effects
Directed By: David Frankham
Product: Chevy Malibu
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Billy Bostock
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