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Final Product: Mechanical effects
Directed By: Jake Scott
Product: Barclays
Company: RSA USA
Designer: Tom Foden
Final Product: Element effects
Directed By: Jeffrey Martin
Product: Asics
Company: 13 Keys
Designer: Loren Basulto
Final Product: Mechanical and element effects
Directed By: Laurent Ledru
Product: Chase Bank
Company: Smuggler/Psyop
Designer: Brian Branstetter
Final Product: Multicam effects
Directed By: Brent Jones
Product: Bridgestone
Company: Aero Films
Final Product: Rain effects
Directed By: Fred Savage
Product: Farmers Insurance
Company: Uber Content
Designer: Josh Locy
Final Product: Mechanical and prop effects
Product: MetLife
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Richard Bridgland Fitzgerald
Digital Multicam Effects
Directed By: Ruebn Fleischer
Product: Tribrand
Company: Caviar LA
Final Product: Wind and rigging effects
Directed By: Enrique Begne
Product: Southern California Edison
Company: Milagro Films
Designer: Andy Rhodes
Final Products: Wind, Rigging, Fire/Pyro Effects
Product: Beauty Rest Mattress
Company: Caviar
Directed By: Daniels
Product: Delta
Company: Pretty Bird
Designer: Jason Kisvarday
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