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Final Effect: Steam, Fog, Water
Directed By: Paul Tolton
Company: Firefly
Designer: Marc Beanacerraf
Final Effect: Rigging, Pendulum
Directed By: Brent Jones
Company: Humble
Final Product: Mechanical Effect
Directed By: Phil Morrison & Joe Ventura
Product: Allstate
Company: Epoch Films
Designer: Jeff Man
Final Products: Air, Water and Rigging Effects
Product: Audi
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Victoria Morris
Final Products: Rigging, Smoke, and Mechanical Effects
Directed By: Barry Sonenfeld
Product: Acura RLX
Company: Wondros
Designer: Bo Welch
Rain Effects
Directed By: Filip Engstrom
Product: Allstate Insurance
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Jason Dawes
Final Product: Rigging Effects
Directed By: Shillick
Product: MSN
Company: World War 7 Studio
Designer: Tracey Gallacher
Final Product: Rain, wind, and rigging effects
Directed By: David Kellogg
Product: State Farm Ficus
Company: Anonymous Content
Designer: Peter Andrus
Final Products: Snow and Wind Effects
Directed By: Geordie Stephens
Product: USPS
Company: Tool of N America
Designer: Jennifer Davis
Final Product: Snow effects
Directed By: Lance Acord
Product: Volkswagen
Company: Park Pictures
Designer: Tom Foden
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