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Final Product: Rain Effect
Directed By: Ruben Fleischer
Product: US Cellular
Company: Caviar
Designer: Mark Snelgrove
Final Product: Multicam effects
Product: OptumHealth
Company: Related Productions
Final Product: Multicam effects
Product: UFC
Company: MTO Productions
Final Product: Fire and prop effects
Directed By: Trevor Shepard
Product: Sonic Drive-In
Company: Woodshop Studios
Final Products: Snow and Wind Effects
Directed By: Geordie Stephens
Product: USPS
Company: Tool of N America
Designer: Jennifer Davis
Final Product: Element, fire, and wind effects
Product: Playstation
Company: Tight
Designer: Laura Fox
Final Product: Mechanical and prop effects
Product: Peugeot
Company: Partizan
Designer: Christopher Jones
Final Effect: Rigging, Fabrication, Smoke, Winch
Directed By: Adam Berg
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Samantha Gore
Final Product: Rain effects
Directed By: Nico & Martin
Product: Chevrolet
Company: D'Avant - Garde Media
Designer: Andy Rhodes
Final Product: Rigging, smoke, fire, and rain effects
Directed By: Christopher Riggert
Product: Dodge
Company: Biscuit Films
Designer: Samantha Gore
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