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Behind The Scenes: Final Effect: Smoke - Shot at Reel Efx Stages
Directed By: Anrick Bregman
Company: Unit 9
Designer: Patrick Lumb
Company: Reel Efx
Final Products: Rigging, Fire, Winch, Mechanical and Wind Effects
Directed By: James Mangold
Product: Duralast
Company: Aero Films
Designer: Paul Martin
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Product: Domino's Pizza
Company: Epoch Films
Designer: Maggie Goldman
Final Product: Fire and flying effects
Directed By: Matthijs Van Heijningen
Product: Audi
Company: MJZ
Designer: Jahmin Assa
Directed By: Gary Freedman
Product: Orangina
Company: Reel Sessions
Designer: Chelsea Oliver
Final Product: Mechanical and prop effects
Product: Peugeot
Company: Partizan
Designer: Christopher Jones
Final Product: Wind and smoke effects
Directed By: Filip Tellander
Product: Nike
Company: B-Reel Films
Final Product: Smoke effects
Directed By: Jared Hess
Product: Hefty
Company: Moxie Pictures
Designer: Elliott Hostetter
Final Product: Water effects
Directed By: Fred Savage
Product: Farmers Insurance
Company: Uber Content
Designer: Josh Locy
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