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There is no other powerful, compact wind machine with these features at this price.

- Built-in programmable DMX 512
- Silent solid-state variable-speed control
- Electric 2 HP premium efficient motor
- Universal voltage input (100-240 VAC)
- Narrow beam pattern with less than a 4-feet spread at 18-feet distance
- Max. wind velocity of 55mph at face
- Active brake stops blades at 'zero speed' command
- Eco-friendly RoHs-compliant construction
- Compact "C" stand spud mount
- Compact & light-weight

DIFFUSION(tm) haze is totally odorless and can only be detected visually. No sore throats, funny smells, or burning eyes.
- Safest, cleanest, and most efficient hazer for the entertainment industry.
- Provides safe and economical non-glycol haze with no heat.
- Fog Hang Time is over 3 hours in an enclosed space. No warm up period required.
- Haze fluid is odorless and leaves no residue when used properly.
- Holds 2 liters (1/2 gal) fluid, 35+ hours of runtime.
- Weighs only 35 lbs.
- 5 year warranty on compressor, CAL-OSHA tested for safety.
- Accessories include: remote control road case, traveling road case, auto timer, auto fill.

US and foreign patents granted and pending
New Turbo blade increases efficiency of the RE Fan II.

Solid state adjustable speed control with burst button.

Housed in a durable roto-molded shell.

Unique design allows adjustment of beam focus.

Turbo blade now standard.

This product is discontinued and has been replaced by the RE 4 Fan.

Twice the blade area of RE II Fan and 3 times the horsepower yielding an exceptionally powerful and rugged fan
Integral DMX remote control included
Uses advanced frequency synthesis speed control
New 16" blade provides quiet air flow at low speeds
Front and Rear flow enhancing nylon grills
Unique reversed air flow design improves efficiency

Motor mounts provide increased air straightening

This product is discontinued and has been replaced by the RE 2 Turbo fan
Diffusion in a can.
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