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Testing the breaking of a beer bottle in Jim's hand with a squib
Directed By: Reel Efx
Product: Bud Light
Fire elements
Directed By: reel Efx
Product: Direct Tv
Propane fire through fabricated car vents
Directed By: Reel Efx
Product: Carmax
Large campfire for the Cowboy camp
Company: Directors Bureau
Test firing of Flamethrower with liquid propane shot at 210fps
Directed By: Reel Efx
Propane ring of fire made for the "Dude...What Would Happen?" tv series.
Company: Cartoon Network
10 ft. Flame thrower gun prop make for the "Dude...What Would Happen?" tv series
Product: Dude, What Would Happen
Company: Cartoon Network
Slow motion pyrotechnics
Directed By: Snorri Brothers
Product: Dell Computers
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Eric Troop
Provided Fireplace Pyro Effects
Product: Audi
Company: Bob Industries
Designer: Samantha Gore
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