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Final Product - Pyro
Directed By: Joerg Zuber
Company: Concrete Images
Designer: Kody Busch
Final Product - Pyro.
Company: Gold Road Films
Final Product: Pyro
Directed By: Ruben Fleischer
Product: Subaru
Company: Caviar
Designer: Craig Reynolds
Final Prouct: Pyro, Smoke, Rigging.
Product: Nissan Rogue
Company: Bob Insustries
Designer: Samantha Gore
Final Spot: Water balloons, smoke effect.
Directed By: Nick Jasenovec
Product: Walmart
Company: Caviar
Designer: Craig Reynolds
Maroon 5 Candles and atmospere
Directed By: Peter Berg
Product: Maroon 5 Music Video
Company: Wondros Films
Designer: Bo Welch
Final Products: Pyro, elements, Smoke Effects
Product: Greyhound
Company: Tool of North America
Designer: Justin Trask
Final Products: Pyro, Rigging, and Mechanical Effects
Directed By: Adam Cameron
Product: Prilosec OTC
Company: Believe Media
Designer: Justin Trask
Fountain Spark - Mini Gerb Test 4 - 12ft
Company: reel efx
Fountain Spark - Mini Gerb Test 3 - 12ft
Company: reel efx
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