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Test Video: Oval Bowling Ball
Company: Reel Efx
Test Video: Oval Car Wheels
Company: Reel Efx
Test Video: Oval Hula-Hoop
Company: Reel Efx
Test Video: Prop effects
Company: Reel Efx
Final Product: Prop, air, and smoke effects
Directed By: Blake Griffin
Product: Kia Optima
Company: Pretty Bird
other insurance companies provide the same coverage but you save money with 21st Century
Directed By: David McNally
Product: 21st Century Insurance
Company: Company Films
Designer: Steve Eaton
Re-enactment of Chicken assassination No rubber chickens were harmed, killed or maimed during this re-enactment... Ok, maybe just one...
Directed By: Reel Efx
Directed By: Joe Kosinski
Product: BMW
Company: Anonymous Content
A test to spray fake guacamole
Directed By: Paul Hunter
Product: Bud Light - 'Here We Go-Avocado'
Company: Pretty Bird
Designer: John Reinhart
Huggies Bubble Tests
Directed By: Bryan Buckley
Company: Hungry Man
Designer: David Skinner
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