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Lexus approaches an intersection just as several other things do but the Lexus continues smoothly through all obstacles.
Directed By: Marcus Blunder
Product: Lexus
Company: U-Ground
Final Product: Multicam effects
Directed By: Eric Efregan
Product: Intel
Company: Serial Dreamer
Final Product: Multicam effects
Directed By: Francis Lawrence
Product: Coolio
Company: D.N.A.
Two 180 degree composite shorts capture a hat as it is thrown in the air and a couple falling onto a couch. The 360 degree composite shows groceries as they are bumped out of the bag.
Directed By: Phillip Atwell/Dr.Dre
Product: Emenem/Dr.Dre
Company: Geronimo Prodructions
The multicam shots for this wedding scene were captured using a 360 degree ring. Several MULTICAM shots were used.
Directed By: Wayne Isham
Product: 98 Degrees
Company: A Band Apart
(3) 60 camera multicam shots. Two shots were composites on green screen and one shot was live. The karate moves involved flying the talent with our hydraulically controlled rig.
Directed By: Billie Woodruff
Product: Blaque
Company: Geneva Films
The first use of MULTICINECAM alligning 15 Arri 3 motion picture cameras mounted in a 120 degree semi circle and synced together
Directed By: Martin Weisz
Product: Dru Hill
Company: U-Ground
Product: Master P
Company: No Limit Films
Multicinecam shot with 15 Arri 3 motion picture cameras mounted in a vertical semicircle and 30 Arri 3 cameras mounted in a full circle
Product: Puff Daddy Video
Company: U-Ground
Composite of a live action actor walking through an office scene. Multicam.
Product: National Car Rental
Company: Lyon Studio
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