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A pitcher and two baseball players are working out. They pause while the camera moves around them. and then unpause at a game in full uniform in a stadium.
Directed By: Takao Ogasawara
Product: Oranamin C
Company: Inscope Inc.
Final Product: Multicam effects
Directed By: Eric Efregan
Product: Intel
Company: Serial Dreamer
Different scenes morph into and interact with each other. 3 cameras were used to provide very accurate key frames for the morphs, especially the morph of the falling bricks.
Directed By: Charlie Watson
Product: Mazda
Company: Rhythm and Hues
Eddie plays his guitar while walking through the rest of the band. A woman smashes a hanging ice bowl full of red liquid.
Directed By: Paul Andresen
Product: Van Halen
Company: U-Ground
Multicam is used for several athletes from different sports.
Directed By: Larry Shiu
Product: Reebok
Company: Metro Pictures Corp
Final Product: Multicam effects
Directed By: Francis Lawrence
Product: Coolio
Company: D.N.A.
Lexus approaches an intersection just as several other things do but the Lexus continues smoothly through all obstacles.
Directed By: Marcus Blunder
Product: Lexus
Company: U-Ground
Product: Venus
Company: Portal A
Multicam Orange Test 1 400fps
Company: Reel Efx
Multicam Orange Test 2 400fps
Company: Reel Efx
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