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Genie smoke tests using G300 and tiny foggers
Blue Smoke Tests
Pumping Smoke for Roger Waters concert at Coachella 2008
Directed By: Chris Kansy
Product: Roger Waters
Company: 641 Production
Designer: Marc Brickman
Face Blower Test
Simulated Hurricane force winds and rain
Directed By: Francois Girard
Product: Terminex
Company: independant Media
Designer: Barbara Ling
Smoked Pigeon Test
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Smoked Pigeon
Hood Smoke Test with AB Smoke
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Hood Smoke test
Ground Fog Co2 Test Low Smoke Generator
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Ground Fog Co2
Buick Twister
Directed By: Steve Chase
Product: Buick
Company: Reactor Films
Designer: Kim Rees
AI Smoke Curtain
Directed By: Steven Spielberg
Product: AI
Company: Warner Bros
Designer: Linden Johnson
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