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Hung every part of a Lexus by cable for this spot featuring an art exhibit look.
Company: Park Pictures
Designer: Tom Foden
Directed By: Erich Joiner
Product: Priceline
Company: Tool of North America
Ratcheted talent to simulate being hit by a train for the show " Re-Animated"
Product: Pepsi
Bud Light Lure Jerk Test via Crane and Flying Harness
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Bud Light
Directed By: Paul Goldman
Product: Wendy's Burgers
Company: Partizan
Rigging and Flying of a bunch of kids
Directed By: Peter Smillie
Product: MCI
Company: Smillie Films
Designer: Deborah Evans
Test Launch Vehicle
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Reel Efx
Rigged all talent to fly when they grabbed onto the dangling Bud Light.
Directed By: David Kellogg
Product: Bud Light
Company: Anonymous Content
Rigged talent to fly and also provided remote controlled flapping wings.
Directed By: Guy Manwaring
Product: Capital One
Company: Therapy Films
Designer: Samantha Gore
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