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Finished Personal, Portable, Hot Tub worn by actor and enjoyed by friends
Directed By: Reel Efx
Product: La-Z-Boy
Rained down 200 gallons of blood onto Slayer during the finale of their live concert dvd
Directed By: Dean Carr
Product: Slayer Live Dvd
Company: The Mine
Fabricated and installed 4 Oversized Kick Stands for this Suzuki commercial
Pool Ball gets hit,flies up and knocks guy in the head
Rigged Potted plant to crack and bust open using pyro squibs
Chef Boyardee cans rigged to be able to tear the top off.
Directed By: Bill Scarlett
Product: Chevrolet Lumina
Company: Harmony Films
Ticket Shooter Test
Directed By: Reel EFX
Blood Splatter on Snow Test
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Blood
Directed By: David Kellogg
Product: Hungry Man
Company: Anonymous Content
Designer: Les Brown
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