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Rained down 200 gallons of blood onto Slayer during the finale of their live concert dvd
Directed By: Dean Carr
Product: Still Reigning DVD
Company: The Mine
Piston Test Floating Piston Test
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Piston
Blueman Dancing TV Heads Test Live Shoot Footage
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Blueman
Blood Splatter Test
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Blood
Buick Frankenstein
Directed By: Steve Chase
Product: Buick
Company: Reactor Films
Designer: Kim Rees
Blueman Kcal Dodgers
Directed By: David Kellogg
Product: Blueman
Company: Anonymous Content
Sharpie Pirate Rick
Directed By: Rick LeMoine
Product: Sharpie Retractable
Company: Biscuit Film Works
Designer: Scott Craig
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