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Behind the scenes of the big rain and wind on this spot which featured a large tree branch smashing a parked car
Directed By: Reel Efx
Product: Allstate
Crane Rain
Product: Ideacast
Company: Dektor Film Group
Designer: David Stone
Crane Rain
Product: AT&T
Company: Epoch Films
Designer: Bella Serrell
Crane Rain
Product: Dodge
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Gabby
Examples of Water Effects
Directed By: Reel Efx
Snow Foam application photos
Directed By: Reel Efx
Big rain and wind equal disaster when a big tree branch crashes onto a parked car for this spot.
Directed By: David Frankham
Product: Allstate
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Steve Sumney
Created rain to wash off a very dirty Subaru
Directed By: Scott Hicks
Product: Subaru
Company: Independent Media
Designer: Barbara Ling
Various water effects were created for this spot. Water was shot through mortars, hoses, sprinklers and a large dump tank.
Directed By: Warren Kushner
Company: Partizan
Designer: Dylan Kahn
Huggies Baby Pee Rig
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