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Created the look of Tibet with real snow, snow blanket, chimney smoke from the tents and wind.
Directed By: Justin Reardon
Product: Vitamin Water
Designer: Bella Serrell
Rain effects utilizing Crane Rain, Rain Towers and a Handheld Wand near camera. Built up an area with asphalt to create a deep puddle of water for the car to splash through.
Crane Rain job with additional handheld rain wand. Weak Knee rig for dropping cars to simulate falling from the sky.
Directed By: Michael Haussman
Product: Hertz
Company: HSI
Designer: Richard Lassalle
H2OH Water Shooting Tests
Directed By: Warren Kushner
Product: H2OH
Company: Partizan
Designer: Dylan Kahn
H2OH Tests featuring pressurized 5 gallon water bottles
Tests for a Mock Bellagio fountain
Very Large Rain Grid
Directed By: David Cornell
Product: Applebee's
Company: Headquarters
Dump Tank testing featuring Steve as the test subject
Three days of shooting heavy crane rain to cover a huge backyard in a commercial for Dig Detergent
Directed By: Phillipe Andre
Product: Persil Detergent
Company: Company
Designer: Johan LeTenoux
Snow Effects for Saturn Vue Commercial
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