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Rigged streetlights to rain out flourescent fluid that glowed in the nighttime
Directed By: Carl Erik Rinsch
Product: Toyota Avalon
Company: RSA
Designer: Leigh Altman
Puppeting of numbers
Directed By: Philippe Andre
Product: Toyota Rav4
Company: Villains
Designer: Johan Le Tenoux
Fabricated 120 TV sets to fit securely on all talent while they danced and jumped around. All of the screens on the sets lit up.
Directed By: David Kellogg
Product: Blueman
Company: Anonymous Content
Fabricated Remote Control Mechanical Pinata full of Dr Pepper cans to dump on demand
Directed By: David Kellogg
Product: Diet Dr.Pepper
Company: Anonymous Content
Reel Efx fabricated a revolving base for the fridge and set wall. This spot was one of the favorites shown during the 2006 Superbowl.
Directed By: Erich Joiner
Product: Bud Light
Company: Tool of North America
Fabricated an indestructable car to be smashed into and launched a cement mixer over the car
Directed By: Maran Weiss
Product: Farmer's Insurance
Company: A Band Apart
Fabricated Remote Control lift for cooler
Directed By: David McNally
Product: Budweiser
Company: Villains
Designer: Greg Ferguson
Breakaway Cello and stands
Directed By: Happy
Product: Ampd Mobile
Company: Smuggler
Rigged all vehicles to be filled with faux alcoholic drinks
Directed By: Rupert Wainwright
Product: NHTSA
Company: Saville Production
Designer: Ursula Collision
Created 300 Gallons of thick black fluid to drip up the walls of the set.
Directed By: Rupert Sanders
Product: Playstation 3
Company: MJZ
Designer: Robert Pearson
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