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Jim Gill - President, Owner

A SAG Puppeteer, precision driver, pyro technician, inventor, mentor, and more. Jim oversees all special effects at Reel Efx. Jim also oversees the Research & Development Department, which is constantly challenged by film industry needs. He holds patents for the DF-50 Diffusion Fogger, Aerosol Diffusion Fog, Fan-Mount Mechanism, DAC Fan, Omni-Direction Treadmill, and the Man-Made Tornado. Jim is a member of ESTA & IATSE, has been a guest lecturer at UCLA for courses in film production, and serves as a mentor to aspiring patent holders.

Susan Milliken - Vice President, Owner

IATSE 44 Member, SAG Puppeteer, multi-media artist, pyro 3 card holder, and occasional stunt performer involving fire and tall buildings. Susan coordinates the special effects commercials, including bidding, procurement and implementation of effects jobs. Susan is the first point of contact for a director and team; working from concept to finished product. She attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, was a private gallery artist from '85 to '95, and is a worldwide muralist.

Rosy Romano - CFO

As Chief Finanical Officer, she is is responsible for all the financial and legal aspects of the corporation, as well as a key participant in the everyday operation of the effects jobs development. In addition, she supervises the manufacturing side of the corporation, from purchasing to sales, and new product development decisions. She has been working in the financial field since 1986, six years of which were spent in a reputable CPA firm. She joined the Reel Efx team in 1994.

Mark Ritner - Sales Manager

Responsible for all equipment sales and oversees the manufacture of new and existing products. He has a degree in electronic engineering from ITT and has been in sales and management for over 14 years. His first priority is to make sure that the customer is always satisfied with their product and the service they received.

Karyn Beaman - Rental Manager

In charge of all effects equipment rentals and maintenance. Karyn oversees loading of equipment for effects jobs and takes care of building maintenance. She is extremely knowledgeable in the needs of the customer and specifics for achieving their desired effect. She has been in the special effects industry for over 8 years.

Tristan Verstraeten - R&D

Tristan takes part in the processes of communicating with clients, R&D, manufacturing, repairing, rentals, sales, and ordering equipment for the shop. He is also a member of the USCG (United States Coast Guard), a licensed masters 100 ton captain, a maritime safety coordinator, and a certified diver.

Adam Forster - Design Engineer, Efx Tech

Adam has experience with design, welding, machining, rigging/grip, composites, prop making, and carpentry. As an effects technician Adam is able to bring together his two interests of art and engineering. He welds, fabricates, and oversees CNC machine operations using the design programs Solidworks and GibbsCAM. Aside from his work at Reel Efx, he manufactures and sells Forster clamps.

Joe Andreas - Effects Technician

A pyro technician, engineer, and musician. Joe works closely with our team as well as our clients' teams to provide them with the desired special effects. He leads jobs to ensure that they run smoothly and that the client is happy with the finished product.

Brian Weiland - Effects Technician

A metal fabricator and welder. Brian provides special effects on set, prepares job materials, loads trucks, and maintains order at the shop.

Frank Kaisler - Transportation, Technician

Frank has over 30 years of experience as a magazine editor, photographer, mechanic, test-driver for 4-wheel off-road vehicles, welder, fabricator, CNC operator, and more. He is a former magazine editor of Hot Rods Bikeworks, Hot Rod Bikes, Hot Rod Harleys, American Iron, and Easyriders. In all, he has published in about 2 dozen magazines and websites. He works in the shop and transports materials for us. Aside from his work at Reel Efx, he builds custom motorcycles and works as a freelance writer and photographer.

Jason DeShazer - Effects Technician

Jaime Martinez - Transportation/Shop Tech

aime aka "RAMBO" keeps the shop's supplies stocked up and ready for use. He provides special effects on set, prepares job materials, loads trucks, and maintains order at the shop. You can find him selling his art in downtown Los Angeles as he is also a talented illustrator, muralist, and art show coordinator. He contributed to the Buen Pastor Project in Guanajuato, Mexico, took part in as well as coordinated multiple art shows in San Francisco, and is a member of Art Junkys. The success of various art shows has led him to a consistent involvement in group shows, commissioned work, murals, and live painting.

Neil Smith - Pyro Technician

Neil holds a pyro 1 card and excels in explosions of all types. He has been an industry staple for 36 years.

Tino Chicas - Manufacturing Supervisor

Tino manufactures and repairs Reel Efx's products. He has been with the company for over 20 years.

Jose Campos - Manufacturing

Jose manufactures and repairs Reel Efx's products.

Amber Milliken - Social Media Developer

Amber is a production assistant, social media developer, and stage director. She also utilizes scrap metal and other materials from the shop at Reel Efx to create original artistic pieces including jewelry and private gallery art. She attends USC for visual anthropology, is an equestrian, and enjoys yoga.

Lea Romano - Web Designer/PA

Webmaster, production assistant and R&D assistant.


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