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Final Products: Smoke, Elements, and Dust Effects
Directed By: Junji Kojima
Product: Kowa Coffee
Company: Downtown Reel
Designer: Dale Thaw
Final Product: Rigging, smoke, fire, and rain effects
Directed By: Christopher Riggert
Product: Dodge
Company: Biscuit Films
Designer: Samantha Gore
Final Product: Rain
Directed By: Bob Stevens
Company: Bob Stevens Photography
Final Products: Rigging and Pyro Effects
Product: Miller Lite
Company: American Filmworks
Designer: Andy Rhodes
Final Product: Multicam effects
Product: UFC
Company: MTO Productions
Honda Summer Clearance Event
Directed By: Fred Savage
Product: Honda
Company: Uber Content
Designer: Robbie Freed
Final Product - Trench plate Deck for vehicle
Directed By: Jake Kovnat
Product: Intact Insurance
Company: RCR Inc
Designer: David Stone
Final Product: Pyro Effects
Directed By: Steve Anderson
Product: This Last Lonely Place
Company: Industry Standard Films
Final Products: Rigging, Mechanical and High Speed Winch Effects
Directed By: Jim Matlosz
Product: NBC Universal
Company: Moving Parts
Final Products: Pyro Effects
Directed By: Tony Kaye
Product: Under Armour
Company: Above the Sea
Designer: Joe Cabrera
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