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Final Product: Pyro
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Dylan Kahn
Final Products: Rigging, Smoke, and Mechanical Effects
Directed By: Barry Sonenfield
Product: Acura RLX
Company: Wondros
Designer: Bo Welch
Final Products: Rigging, Props, and Mechanical Effects
Directed By: Zach Math
Product: Energy Upgrade California
Company: Bob Industries
Designer: Heidi Adams
Final Product: Flying effects
Directed By: Jeffrey Martin
Product: Asics
Company: 13 Keys
Designer: Loren Basulto
Final Product: Multicam effects
Product: Uniqlo
Company: Day-O Productions
Final Products: Rigging and Mechanical Effects
Directed By: Sean Meehan
Product: AT&T with Samsung
Company: Arts & Sciences
Designer: Peter Benson
Final Product: Smoke and mechanical effects
Directed By: Mark Romanek
Product: Nike
Company: Anonymous Content
Designer: Tino Schaedler
Final Effect: Smoke, Pyro, Rigging, Fabrication
Directed By: Augustus Punch
Company: Superprime
Designer: Jason Hamilton
Final Products: Mechanical Winch Effects
Directed By: Jim Matlosz
Product: NBC Universal
Company: Moving Parts
Final Effect: Steam, Fire, Smoke, Liquid, Spider Web
Directed By: Paul Mitchell
Company: Launch Pad Films
Designer: William Horbury
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