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Final Product: Pyro, props, mechanical
Directed By: Stacy Wall
Product: Lincoln
Company: Imperial Woodpecker
Designer: Christopher Glass
Final Product: Puppeteer, rigging, smoke, and wind effects
Directed By: Brad Silberling
Product: TD Ameritrade
Company: Wondros Films
Designer: Bo Welch
Final Product: Compressed Air
Company: Biscuit Films
Designer: Josh Locy
Final Product: Pyro effects
Product: Mitsubishi
Company: Tool of North America
Designer: Justin Trask
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Directed By: Jared Hess
Product: Hefty
Company: Moxie Pictures
Designer: Elliott Hostetter
Final Product: Wind and rigging effects
Directed By: Enrique Begne
Product: Southern California Edison
Company: Milagro Films
Designer: Andy Rhodes
Final Product: Mechanical, blood, and flying effects
Directed By: Dave Meyers
Company: Radical Media
Designer: Jennifer Davis
Final Products: Smoke, Elements, and Dust Effects
Directed By: Junji Kojima
Product: Kowa Coffee
Company: Downtown Reel
Designer: Dale Thaw
Final Products: Rigging and Mechanical Effects
Product: Ford
Company: Prologue Films
Designer: Josh Locy
Final Product: Winch Mechanical Effects
Directed By: Jim Matlosz
Product: NBC Olympics
Company: Moving Parts
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