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Final Product: Snow, mechanical, and wind effects
Product: Under Armour
Company: Shilo, Inc
Designer: Andy Rhodes
Final Product: Pyro, props, mechanical
Directed By: Stacy Wall
Product: Lincoln
Company: Imperial Woodpecker
Designer: Christopher Glass
Reel Efx Behind the Scenes
Product: Pizza Hut
Company: Pictures in a Row
Final Effect: Snow Dressing
Designer: Gret Allen Lang
Final Products: Wind, Rigging, and Fire/Pyro Effects
Product: Beauty Rest Mattress
Company: Caviar
Designer: Mark Snelgrove
Final Spot: Rigging, Mechanical, Fabrication
Directed By: Ivan Bird
Company: Rattling Stick
Designer: David Wilson
Final Product: Smoke effects
Directed By: Jared Hess
Product: Hefty
Company: Moxie Pictures
Designer: Elliott Hostetter
Final Product: Fire Effects
Product: Pace Salsa
Company: Park Pictures
Designer: Johan Tochet
Final Effect: Steam, Fog, Water
Directed By: Paul Tolton
Company: Firefly
Designer: Marc Beanacerraf
Final Product: Rigging, pyro, and air effects
Directed By: Lynn Fox
Product: Lexus
Company: Furlined
Designer: Floyd Albee
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