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Final Product: Mechanical Effect
Directed By: Erich Joiner
Product: Bridgestone Tires
Company: Tool of North America
Designer: Justin Trask
Mutlicam Reel
Company: Reel Efx
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Directed By: Jonathan Notaro / Robert Bisi
Product: Old Navy
Company: Brand New School
Designer: Timmy Hills
Final Product: Multicam, Water, Wind, Steam, Smoke, and Pyro effects
Product: Engelbert Strauss
Company: Durable Goods
Final Product: Rigging Effects
Directed By: Ryan Ebner
Product: Verizon
Company: HSI Productions
Designer: Charles Infante
Reel Efx
Directed By: Dan Colen
Product: Floating Hat
Company: Reel Efx
Final Product: Fire and smoke effects
Directed By: Peter Berg
Product: MilkPEP
Company: Pony Show Entertainment @ Wondros Films
Designer: Bo Welch
Final Product: Pyro Effects
Directed By: Brian Billow
Product: Tracfone
Company: Hungry Man Productions
Designer: Rachelle House
Turbo Tax Treadmill
Directed By: Ivan Zacharias
Product: Turbo Tax
Company: Smuggler
Final Product: Element effects
Directed By: Jeffrey Martin
Product: Asics
Company: 13 Keys
Designer: Loren Basulto
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