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Final Product: Flying, wind, and smoke effects
Product: Verizon
Company: Believe Media
Final Products: Rigging and Mechanical Effects
Directed By: Harry Cocciolo
Product: Fios
Company: Bob Industries
Designer: Tom Wilkins
Final Product: Air, smoke, and element effects
Product: Hyundai Santa Fe
Company: Duo Films
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Product: Kraft Lunchables
Company: MJZ
Designer: Kim Reese
Product: Samsung
Reel Efx
Company: Reel Efx
Final Products: Snow effects
Directed By: Guard Brothers
Product: Audi
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Robbie Freed
10" Propane Mortar - 240fps
Final Product: Puppeteer effects
Directed By: Mike Brady
Product: Crocs
Company: Believe Media
Final Product: Mechanical and prop effects
Product: Peugeot
Company: Partizan
Designer: Christopher Jones
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