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Final Effect: Pyro
Company: A White Label Product
Designer: Mari Geraci
Final Products: Digital Multicam, Water and Rigging Effects
Directed By: Tim Richardson
Product: Lexus
Company: White Label
Designer: Keith Cunningham
Final Product: Rain
Directed By: Bob Stevens
Company: Bob Stevens Photography
Final Product: Rain Effects
Product: FJ Golf
Company: Smuggler
Designer: William Bostock
Final Product: Winch Mechanical Effects
Directed By: Jim Matlosz
Product: NBC Olympics
Company: Moving Parts
Final Product: Mechanical and element effects
Directed By: Laurent Ledru
Product: Chase Bank
Company: Smuggler/Psyop
Designer: Brian Branstetter
Final Products: Rigging and Mechanical Effects
Product: Katy Perry
Company: Lightborne Inc.
Element effects
Directed By: Geordie Stephens
Product: Got Milk
Company: Tool of North America
Designer: Heidi Adams
Final Product: Multicam, Water, Wind, Steam, Smoke, and Pyro effects
Product: Engelbert Strauss
Company: Durable Goods
Final Product: Fog Effects
Directed By: Peter Berg
Product: Under Armour
Company: Pony Show
Designer: Bo Welch
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