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Final Product: Smoke and element effects
Product: State Farm Insurance
Company: Uber Content
Designer: John Reinhart
Final Products: Rain, Wind, Rigging Effects
Product: HTC
Company: Reset Content
Designer: Rob Pearson
Final Products: Rigging, Props, and Smoke Effects
Product: Applebee's
Designer: Kells Jeese
Final Spot: Rigging, Mechanical, Fabrication
Directed By: Ivan Bird
Company: Rattling Stick
Designer: David Wilson
Final Product: Rain Effects
Directed By: Jeffrey Plansker
Product: Chevrolet
Company: Supply & Demand
Designer: Jeremy Reed
Final Product: Air and Rigging Effects
Directed By: Mike MaGuire
Product: Stubhub
Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Designer: Alexis Ross
Final Product: Mechanical, prop, and wind effects
Product: Giant Cheetos
Company: Directors Bureau
Final Products: Rigging Effect
Directed By: Phil Joanou
Product: McDonald's
Company: MJZ
Designer: Lauren LeClere
Final Products: Props, Rigging, and Smoke Effects
Directed By: Angus Wall
Product: On Star
Company: Pecubu Productions
Designer: Johna Le Tenous
Final Product: Smoke, steam, wind, and pyro effects
Directed By: Jon Favreau
Product: EA Sports
Company: Pacific Rim Films
Designer: Deborah Evans
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