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Directed By: Kevin Joelson
Company: The Joelson's
Product: Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade
Company: Arts and Sciences
Scissor Hands Free
Directed By: David Shane
Product: Cadillac
Company: O Positive
Designer: Maia Javon
Subway Go PRO for double the protein
Directed By: David Shafei
Product: Subway
Company: World War Seven
Designer: Jerrod Littlejohn
This is Your Wake-Up Call
Galaxy Buds 2-way Speaker
Directed By: Marco Prestini
Product: Samsung
Company: Anonymous
Designer: Jeff Higinbotham
Facebook Ready to Rock Super Bowl
Product: Facebook
Designer: Dylan Kahn
Tilted World
Directed By: Bruce StClair
Company: Great Guns
Designer: Dylan Kahn
Aflac Isnt Slimy Summer
Product: Aflac
Company: Arts and Sciences
The Replacer
Product: Call of Duty
Company: Caviar
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