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Kuka Robot Arm

Kuka KR15/2 Axex: 6 Vertical Reach: 6.112 feet Horizontal Reach: 5.151 feet Robot Mass: 518.086 lbs Payload: 33lbs Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm Motion Range: Axis 1: +/- 185° Axis 2: +155°, -55° Axis 3: +70°, -210° Axis 4: +/- 350° Axis 5: +/- 135° Axis 6: +/- 350° Robot Motion Speed Axis 1: 152 °/s Axis 2: 152 °/s Axis 3: 152 °/s Axis 4: 284 °/s Axis 5: 293 °/s Axis 6: 604 °/s The six-axis Kuka KR15 is a flexible robot arm that features a light body and medium payload. Flexible and fast, the KR15 and the KR15/2 are well-suited for handling, assembly, machining, and welding applications. The internal components of this arm are designed with a straightforward configuration, allowing the arm to remain reliable. Several mounting positions are possible, it can be installed on the floor or ceiling, with variable positions. All of the joints and gears of the Kuka KR15 are virtually free from backlash. Each of the six axis is powered by brushless AC servomotors with a plug-in design. The resulting design is a compact robot arm that can be placed close to the workpiece.
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Date: July, 2011

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