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Mazda - 'Better. Stronger. Smarter.'

Reel Efx provided the following for this spot: 1. Frankenstein car. Provide interior handbrake sparks and ability for talent to pull handbrake loose from mount. Provide 4 air mortar airbag release (repeatable). Provide pyro release of hood with engine flame, spark and smoke. Provide spring release for front driver door. Provide second set of rear wheels on airbag to support moving vehicle when original rear wheel is released. Provide flame bars, white smoke and chafing dishes of diesel for black smoke. 2. Rocket sled. RFX to fabricate 4’ tall 20’ long ramp for set/chair with talent pulled via winch.
Agency: Garage Team
Producer: Kendall Henry
1st Assistant Director: Kate Greenberg
Director of Photography: Par Ekberg
Art Coordinator: Laurie Cooper
Product: Mazda
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Filip Engstrom
Production Designer: Jeremy Reed
Date: February, 2012

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