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Pepsi: 'Halftime Touches Down'

RFX rigged a semi tractor to lift up with Large Forklift, articulating while being raised. Rig semi tractor lights to go on and off on command, possible integrating with electrical to light entire front of semi-tractor with lights (simulating large light from alien ship) RFX to rig two guitars, bass drum and tow band members (talent) to lift. RFX rigged two pepsi machines to lift up and simulate floating action. RFX rigged Old style cooler to lift up and simulate floating action. RFX rigged a wig to float up from wig stand (build support under wig, to keep wigs shape) RFX rigged a tumble weed, small props and a poor man gimbal for helicopter inner tube.
Download: Video File
Producer: Skot Bright
Product: Pepsi
Production Company: Framestore
Director: Ben West
Production Designer: Bella Serrell
Date: February, 2015

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