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Reel EFX, Inc provides the entertainment industry with a one-stop mechanical special effects house. The company is also known industry-wide for its outstanding mechanical achievements, such as the Digital Multicam (150 still camera array), and the only fifty-foot Man-Made Tornado in existence. It has expert SAG Puppeteers available to bring inanimate objects to life, special effects equipment for sale & rental, as well as MOS stage space for rent, with corresponding production support.

This site is designed to easily locate a specific film clip of effects in our database. Use the search function above to access the film clips by looking up the keywords.

American Horror Story Image
Camp fire, Knife in windshield, fog Image
Dog couch tail
Alicia Keys Show Me Love Image
Rain, water effects. Flying talent
Directed By: Cara Stricker
RBC - We see a Future Image
Directed By: Rocky Morton
USPS - 'Surprise Encounter' Image
Directed By: Bryan Buckley
Pepsi - 'Pepsi Spire 2' Image
Avvo: 'Remember Thy Name' Image
Final Product: Rigging
Directed By: Zach Math
Old Navy - 'Jeanvestment' Image
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Directed By: Jonathan Notaro / Robert Bisi
De Beers - 'Unbreakable Kiss' - BTS Image
Final Product: Multicam effects
Kentucky Fried Chicken - 'Nashville Hot Chicken' Image
Final Effect: Rigging, Pyro
Nikon - 'Small is Huge' Image
Final Product: Rigging, wind, and element effects
Directed By: Mark Romanek
Chevrolet - 'Storm' Image
Final Product: Rain and wind effects
Directed By: Josh & Xander
LG - 'A Man From the Future' Image
Final Effect: Motorcycle Gimbal
Directed By: Jake Scott
Duracell - 'Toys for Tots' Image
Final Product: Snow Effects
Directed By: Marcus Nispel
Kowa Coffee - 'Power with Bruce Part 2' Image
Final Products: Smoke, Elements, and Dust Effects
Directed By: Junji Kojima
Aspen Dental - 'Out with the Old' Image
Final Product: Rigging Effect
Toyota Avalon - 'Making  Image
Final Product: Cloud Tank Effects
Miller Lite - 'Wonderful Time' Image
Final Products: Props and Fire/Pyro Effects
Got Milk - Break Dancer Image
Element Effects
Directed By: Geordie Stephens
Home Depot - 'Holiday Decorations' Image
Final Product: Snow Effects
Reel Stages
RE 5
The RE 5 Fan
State-Of-The-Art Compact Wind Machine
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Reel Efx Map
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