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Torch and Mortar Flame Test
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Torch
Fire Road Test
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Fire
Outlet Sparks Test
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Outlet
Black Powder Test in Tube
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Black Powder
Pyro Test in Tube - Large File
Directed By: Reel EFX
Product: Pyro
Black Decker
Directed By: Stacy Mann
Product: Black & Decker
Company: Propaganda Films
Isuzu Wild West
Directed By: Peter Smillie
Product: Isuzu
Company: Smillie Films
Designer: Deborah Evans
MCA Waterworld
Directed By: Robbie Greenberg
Product: MCA Universal Studios
Company: Rhythm and Hues
Designer: Shawn Hobbs
Prison Break No Way In Hell
Directed By: Geoff Todd/Matt Goodwin
Product: Prison Break
Company: Monument Television & Film
Designer: Peria Doherty
Brainfire effect created for the Pussycat Dolls music video, "Buttons" directed by Francis Lawrence
Directed By: Francis Lawrence
Product: Pussycat Dolls Music Video
Company: DNA
Designer: Lynn Zekanis
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