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Truck Cab Glass Break Test
Final Effect: Servo Motors
Company: Tool
Designer: Adam Davis
Final Effect: Fabrication
Company: Pony Show
Designer: Bo Welch
Dud Volcano
Company: Reel Efx
Reel Efx provided a 20’ Turntable for a vehicle, 50’ traveling fly bar on truss legs and a gradal to to fly a motorcycle with talent and flew a rainbow, a boy, boat, and other items.
Final Effect: Fabrication, Prop
Directed By: Chris hooper
Company: Uber Content
Designer: Kim Rees
Final Effect: Flying , Rigging, Air
Directed By: David Mellor and Murray Butler
Company: Framestore
Designer: Noel McCarthy
Football Deflate Test
Gatorade Test 2
Gatorade Test
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