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Company: Reel EFX
Company: Reel Efx
Directed By: Kevin Smith
Product: Joe's Crab Shack
Company: Backyard Productions
Designer: Rene Vas
Test Video
Designer: Rene Vas
Testing of flying talent to simulate vertical skydiving
Product: Verizon
Provided several elements for this crazy spot including smoke and steam, rigging a truck in the air with a belt around the tire,helicopter simulation and a spinning vat of fluid.
Directed By: Tom Kuntz
Product: Hahn Beer
Company: MJZ
Designer: Floyd Albee
Directed By: Matthias Hoene
Product: Chase Bank
Company: Partizan US
Designer: Dylan Kahn
Product: Levi's
Company: Smuggler
a rehearsal, to work out the timing of the moving set pieces, talent, camera, lighting...
Directed By: Tom Kunz
Product: Old Spice
Company: MJZ
a look at the making of the commercial, filmed from behind the camera
Directed By: Dave Meyers
Product: Verizon Fios
Company: Radical Media
Designer: Steve Sumney
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