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Turned a copy machine into a paper shooter
Directed By: Reel Efx
Molded and cast hundreds of crayons from hand carved originals by artist Diem Chau. Arranged and melted them with various methods for the shoot. The effect was then reversed in the final spot.
Directed By: Tim Godsall
Product: US Cellular
Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Designer: Paul Austerberry
Pour Test into Water
Product: Tide Unidoses
Designer: Kells Jesse
Tide Unidose Test 02
Product: Tide Unidoses
Company: Crossroads Films
Tide Unidoses test.
Product: Tide Unidoses
Designer: Kells Jesse
Fabricated a rig to hold thousands of sprinkles to pour out of jar when tipped. Rig was removed in post.
Product: Verizon
Company: Hungryman
Designer: David Skinner
Master P and his bling.
Product: Snickers
Company: Furlined
Designer: Robbie Freed
Exploding pinata test, April 01 am.
Pinata Pop Test with air mortar
Ice Cream Magnet Sprinkles Test
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