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Film Multicam System
Film Multicam system for LA Times spot
Film Multicam System shot in Mexico
Company: Banana Films SA
a multicam shot, taken of Reel EFX's crew during the Fox Sports IFL Promo
The Shot - a photography reality show, shot taken by a contestant
Product: The Shot on VH1
NY Hair Shampoo spot 180 degree rotation around hair flick
Product: Hair Shampoo
Digital Multicam 360 degree unstabilized dailies for Milk pour effect, several takes
Product: Kelloggs Mini-Wheats Cereal
Fox Comedy Promo - Digital Multicam arc layout using a fast shutter to capture hero subjects in action. Also the subjects positioning is justified closer to the end of the rig, which provides a zoom in move.
Product: Fox Comedy Promo
Sony Ericsson Cell Phone - Low perspective shot rotates around hero subject, taken in Buenos Aires, Argenina
Product: Sony Ericsson
Fox Sports IFL Digital Multicam time-lapse exposures
Product: Fox IFL Promo
Company: Moving Parts
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