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Final Product: Multicam effects
Product: De Beers Diamonds
Final Product: Multicam, pyro, and rigging effects
Directed By: Ian Sharp
Product: Anti-terrorism PSA
Company: 900 Frames
Designer: David Corey
Multicam - 90 Cameras
Behind the scenes of the Dancing With The Stars promos which were shot with our Digital Multicam System.2 arc air torches were used to create the shower of sparks in front of Macy Gray
Product: Dancing With The Stars
Company: Ignition Films
Behind The Scenes: Multicam effects
Product: Nikon D60
Our Digital Multicam system with utilizing 85 cameras on this shot for a Japanese coffee commercial
Product: Georgia Coffee
Company: Supply and Demand
One of three spots that was shot for Barona Casino featuring our Digital Multicam system with 60 cameras.
Directed By: Rich Underwood
Product: Barona Casino
Company: Swing, Inc.
Some recent examples of our Digital Multicam System. (2008)
Directed By: Reel Efx
Product: Digital Multicam System
Directed By: Max Malkin
Product: Playstation
Company: HSI
Designer: Amy Willis
Digital Multicam 360 degree unstabilized dailies for Milk pour effect, several takes
Product: Kelloggs Mini-Wheats Cereal
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