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Directed By: Alan Gourrier
Product: Dasani Water
Company: Tate USA
letters were painted onto a vehicle window and mist was sprayed, revealing the word 'boring'
Product: Hyundai
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Floyd Albee
Reel Efx created the clear letters for the windshield
Company: Smuggler
Reel Efx created clear letters for the windshield
Company: Smuggler
Product: Hyundai Elantra
Company: Smuggler
a test of the logo
Product: Sasmsung Mobile Omnia 2
A behind the Scenes look at the creation of the bubbles (foam)
Product: Samsung
Company: Five Finger Discount Films
Designer: Patrick Parkhurst
Provided flaming topiaries, couch shaker and trip for chandelier
Product: Sims 3
Company: Radical Media
Final Product: Elements and mechanical effects
Product: The Glades TV show
Company: Big Smack
Ferrofluid and 2 inch magnet test
Product: Cosmopolitan Hotel
Company: Digital Kitchen
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