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More footage of the snow at the Playboy Mansion Christmas Eve 2007
Directed By: Reel Efx
Betty White's racy action on the snowmobile puts the girls in their place
Directed By: King and Country
Product: Hot in Cleveland
Company: King and Country
Designer: Joe Cabrera
Grid wall of rain test.
Directed By: Reel Efx
800 gallon water dump tank.
Directed By: Erich Joiner
Product: Bud Light
Company: Tool of N. America
Designer: John Hammer
Water test track.
Rain towers (25' height limit)
Product: Cell South
Company: Chelsea Pictures
Designer: Dale Thaw
Behind the scenes introspective on the shooting of the Huggies spot. Very funny.
Using the monitor on a water truck to wet down a football field for this shoot. Later, used it for a misty rain effect on some soccer players.
Directed By: Reel Efx
Created the effect of a bus splash using an air mortar and 2 1/2" hose.
Product: CBS Worst Week
Company: Crossroads
Designer: Billy Bostock
Behind the scenes shot of the tree branch that was fabricated and rigged to fall from a crane as the suv passed by. Provided double crane rain and heavy wind
Directed By: Reel Efx
Product: Toyota
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