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Created the effect of a packing peanut loader going crazy. Motivated the hose with major air pressure.
Directed By: David LaChapelle
Product: AT&T
Company: HSI
Designer: Andy Reznik
Provided pyrotechnic effects for hair band on stage.
Directed By: David LaChapelle
Product: AT&T
Company: HSI
Designer: Andy
Rigged the Black Eyed Peas to drop and simulate falling through several layers of flooring.
Directed By: Jon Bennet
Product: Pepsi
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Robby Freed
Rigged tree branch to fall and crush car
Directed By: Erich Joiner
Product: Nationwide
Company: Tool of North America
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Directed By: Filip Engstrom
Product: Levi's
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Steve Somney
Rigged and launched washing machines with an air mortar and ratchet.
Directed By: Glen Martin
Product: Shout
Company: Untitled Production
Designer: Marol Butcher
Rigged talent, table and chairs for controlled drop. Also provided debris falling.
Directed By: Michael Downing
Product: Wendy's
Company: Harvest
Designer: Steve
Rigged both vehicles to hang and then drop with complete control of speed and stopping point.
Directed By: John O'Hagen
Product: Hyundai
Company: RSA/USA
Designer: Margie Abrahams
Devised different elements including a hollowed table leg and a compartment in the table a bottle pops up from.
Directed By: Peter Farrelly
Product: Miller Lite
Company: Villains
Quaker State commercial with a Ferrari rigged to spin wheels in place and break out of a barn with wild horses.
Directed By: Klaus Obermeyer
Product: Quaker State
Company: Aero Films
Designer: Kells Jesse
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