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The layout of the cameras follows a path similar to the planned path of a dolly move. Often arches are used because there is a single subject of interest, and the feeling of 3D comes from being able to rotate around that subject. Of course the system can be aimed in any manner and some have envisioned paths such as corkscrews, roller coaster type paths, and even straight dolly moves. Below are some examples of Multicam camera rigs.

A semi circular rotational dolly shot about the hero element. This layout offers the simplest lighting needs. This rig's layout does impose restrictions caused by viewing the end cameras on the rig, but this is avoided when kept less than 180 degrees minus the viewing angle of the chosen lens. Tricks such as the use of physical set pieces can be planned into the shot to cover any possible overlaps.

The full 360 rotation offers the ability to continuously spin a subject and can be used to fully reveal every angle of the hero subject. When aimed from above looking down, or below looking up the complications of viewing the rig can be avoided. If the desired shot angle requires the rig be in the shot, green screening can be used to shroud the lens and conceal the rig for easy cleanup in post.

The rig can be used like a panning dolly shot with cameras aimed to match that of a regular dolly cart on rails move, with the added bonus of 0-60 MPH in no time flat. The perfect motion control system.

Over the life of Multicam some very interesting fantasy moves have been thought up. Multicam has been developed to encompass years of experience to provide a virtually limitless array of camera positions. If you can picture it, we can capture it.

Often it is desired to cut the Multicam shot seamlessly into the motion sequence just before or after the shot. To do this a motion camera can be aligned with the still cameras of the rig.

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