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Directed By: Ramon Cappola
Product: Comcast
Company: Directors Bureau
Designer: Tom Foden
Directed By: Ramon Coppola
Product: Comcast
Company: Director Bureau
Designer: Tom Foden
Microphone grows hair
Directed By: Stacy Wall
Product: Microsoft Office 2007
Company: Epoch Films
Designer: Tom Foden
Reel EFX dropped a camera over a cliff using a winch to capture a free fall. The billboard is trip released to fall on the car (repeatable). An industructable camera housing was created to protect a crashing camera.
Directed By: David Kellogg
Product: American Express
Company: Propaganda Films
Designer: Les Brown
Mechanical Wall Stove
Product: Jello
Mechanical Spikes
Directed By: Peter Smillie
Product: Lexus
Company: Smillie Films
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Product: 7 Up
Product: Etrade - Dam
Created and rigged a baby stroller stacked 3 stories high with shopping bags.
Product: Visa Check Card
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Billy Bostock
Rigged car to crash through wall and squibbed glass
Directed By: Renny Maslow
Product: Midas
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Robbie Freed
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