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Constructed a rig that suspended an 8 foot clear "thought bubble" over the rider's head as she rode her bicycle
Directed By: Mark Mckeon
Product: Visa
Company: MJZ
Designer: kim Rees
Cold Iron Steam Test
Fabricated butter tank and rigged to fall and smash Truck full of lobster. Also created hundreds of faux lobsters and 500 gallons of fake butter to pour out when the truck was smashed
Company: Chelsea Picture
Behind the scenes of the Volkswagen 'Un Pimp' campaign
Drained all the water out of pool in seconds using a very large pump
Rig for lifting Dracula out of his coffin for a Digiorno Pizza commercial
Behind the scenes on the shooting of Citroen commercial directed by Jan De Bont.
Product: Citroen
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Company: Anonymous Content
7 Up - Shelves
Directed By: Roman Coppola
Product: Comcast
Company: Directors Bureau
Designer: Tom Foden
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