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Prepped a working Microwave oven to be controlled by a remote switch and to be able to shoot through the glass door while a cell phone is being cooked. Provided sparks for the effect.
Product: Tracfone
Company: Smuggler
Designer: Gabby
Fabricated a spinning Baby Blocks rig
Company: Crossroads
Fabricated full size crash test sleds and slammed them into cars on set.
Directed By: Christian Loubek
Product: Hyundai
Company: Anonymous Content
Designer: Tom Foden
Fabricated a letter shooter that could fire out 2,000 letters around an actor as the camera rolled.
Directed By: Paul Gay
Product: Vegas
Company: Hungryman
Designer: Tom Hartman
Camera Arm Test
RC Mail Shooter Test
Dr Pepper
Directed By: David Kellogg
Company: Anonymous Content
Motorcycle Gimbal
Final Product: Mechanical effects
Directed By: Joe Kosinski
Product: Lincoln MKS
Company: Anonymous Content
Designer: David Stone
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